Winter is coming. Arm yourselves against Emilia’s arsenal of food.

Our cohort of expat bloggers in Italy (#COSI) has bitten off about as much as it can chew this time: Italian regional food wars.

6 things to know about Reggio Emilia

I occasionally get asked to summarize my vast (ha!) knowledge on life in Reggio Emilia to those who are looking to visit or move here. The following is what I usually tell them… (UPDATE: Plus, get info on our live Q&A session on what it’s REALLY like to live in Italy)

Separated from Italy

Whence last we spoke, back in October, I was very focused on cocktail creation. Why? Well, drinking helps, right? 🙂 K, maybe that humor is a little dark for the moment. Joking aside, the short and diplomatic version of my story over the past few months is this…

It really is C.O.S.I.

Yesterday I was supposed to publish a post for you all to read, as part of our super-cool expat blogger group, C.O.S.I. (Crazy Observations by Stranieri in Italy. My fellow bloggers have dutifully presented theirs to you, but not me. Nope, I’m sorry to say that you will not be getting my thoughts on our…


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porcini from Ramiseto

How to porcini like a pro.

The title of this post may be misleading, in that it implies that I already know how to porcini like a pro… Which is not, in fact, the case. It is the quest! Join me…

2013 Maialata - affettati misti

The annual Maialata, a traditional Italian pork fest.

It’s that time of year again here in rural Emilia… that time of year when La Famiglia gets together for a full day of literally pigging out. The Maialata (‘maiale’ means ‘pig’ and ‘-ata’ kind of makes it a ‘fest’) is a traditional meal that takes place in January, when farmers used to butcher their pigs for the coming year’s supply of prosciutto and salame.


Welcome to ‘Married to Italy’ Big city Texan girl meets small town Italian boy. Chaos ensues. My expat blog stories – both funny and tragic – about loving, dating, living with, and marrying an Italian man in the province of Reggio Emilia… … with a dog. I am a thirty-ahahencoughugh-year-old American expat, married to a…

Quite possibly the best burger in Italy. With real bacon!

Yes, that’s right… I may have found it. While I cannot claim to have tried EVERY burger in Italy… (someday perhaps)… I will say that I have been grossly disappointed multiple times by restaurants claiming to have the real deal and not following through. My disappointment does not just stem from the simple fact that…