If you have a favorite seat, do NOT go to Rome.

I know. You’re thinking, “What the heck is she talking about?” Well, I think it’s important in the development of my Italian to have enough weapons in my arsenal to be able to show up my four-year-old nephew (WAY harder than you would think). This little gem surfaced the other day, when I made the mistake of getting up from my oh-so-comfortable spot on one of those bouncy IKEA rocking chairs:

chi va a l’osto perde il posto, chi va a Roma perde la poltrona

Heehee. It’s a bit tricky to translate because “losto”, according to my marito is a made up word, whose sole purpose is to rhyme with “posto”. My lovely readers have come to my rescue (and allowed me to school my husband in a thing or two, thank you!), and informed me that “l’osto” in this case is short for l’osteria – a traditional word for a restaurant/inn.

So, roughly, it translates to:

He who goes to eat looses his seat, He who goes to Rome looses the sofa.

I’ve decided to post more of the little Italian phrases I run across on a fairly frequent basis that make me giggle, so stay tuned for giggles.

6 thoughts on “If you have a favorite seat, do NOT go to Rome.

  1. I think l’osto it’s kind of oste, the owner of osteria, a kind of rustic restaurant 🙂 but surely it’s modified to make the rhyme

    • ahh haaaa! My bel marito was wroooong?! Fantastic. I shall save this piece of information and use it to defend myself… mwahahaha (evil laugh)!

  2. The correct one is “Chi va all’osto perde il posto” where osto is the contraction of “osteria”

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