Chi scrive a Capo d’Anno, scrive tutto l’anno.

See, this is why Italian is cool. Even a New Year’s resolution sounds like poetry.

This post’s title comes from an Italian saying that gets repeated around this time of year, into which you can insert any number of activities:

“Chi ____________ a Capo d’Anno, ___________ tutto l’anno.”
“Who ___________ on New Year’s Day, ____________ all year long.”

For example, my title – “who writes on New Year’s Day, writes all year long” – is the inspiration for today’s post as well as the statement of my good intentions to pick up the slack a bit in 2015 here on the blog. Other examples may include:

  • “who exercises on New year’s Day, exercises all year long.”
  • “who eats and drinks well on New Year’s Day, eats and drinks well all year long.”

And of course, the original Italian version of the saying…

  • “Chi non fa sesso a Capo d’Anno, non fa sesso tutto lanno”

Translation (more or less): “Who doesn’t get laid on New Year’s, doesn’t get laid all year long.”

So, there ya go. There’s my advice for this lovely first day of 2015: write, exercise, eat and drink well, and by all means… do get laid.

By the way, this post comes to you from my paradisal New Year’s Day in the lovely cloud forests of Costa Rica, where my marito and I are visiting my relocated British father and Texan step-mother (the original expats in the family). We had a lovely evening with a Dutch woman and another American, during which we played dominos (I lost handily) and had arts and crafts time. See below my fancy paper lantern thingy! This morning we’ve been lounging in the hammock and treating ourselves to bowls of avocado happiness. Not a bad intro to 2015, I say!

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