Italy is trying to break me.

When I find the missing pieces, I’ll come back to posting.

Until then, I’ll be huddled in a ball in front of my stufa, trying not to think of analogies between Italy and Inferno.

my own little inferno

my own little inferno

7 thoughts on “Italy is trying to break me.

  1. Oh dear, been there, done that. Mostly happens to me between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I miss the warmth and traditions of my own American family. Not sure if that is going on with you but I wish I could do something to help. Growing up in Boston I always felt that February was a miserable month — Christmas was over, the snow was all grey slush in the streets and spring still far away. In Italy (in Rome) the air starts feeling warm and spring-like and I feel so happy. I am not saying that you will have to wait until February to feel better but I am sure there will be something about Italy that will make you happy soon.

  2. Oh, you guys are so nice. I’m getting my sh*t together, and I’m almost there (primarily thanks to the wonders of the new stufa… damn…. that thing changed my life). I’m going to try to post from my Scrivilett domani mattina. Thanks so much for the pensi positivi! -M

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