The Gingerbread Crimes

It started out with an innocent invitation to a friend’s house to make holiday decorations for her tree. Being the good American friend that I am, I brought my trusty Gingerbread Man cookie cutter. And a 6-pack of beer (correction… a 6-pack of Italian-sized 66 cl. birre).

It pretty much disintegrated from there.

the scene of the gingerbread crimes

the scene of the gingerbread crimes

There were numerous attempts at a dough that would not rise too much, which resulted in several deformed gingerbread men with air pockets protruding from their bellies and cavities sinking into their chests. We decided to use those to our advantage. I mean, after all, we are in Emilia… are we not? Pork has to make its way in here somehow.

gingerbread maialino

gingerbread maialino

This little guy’s wound was too serious. There was nothing we could do.

gingerbread casualty

gingerbread casualty

Depending on the individual artist and her level of beer intake, the results ranged in quality from the likes of this:

To the intricate detailing of these guys:

In the spirit of the holidays, my lady friends created this adorable fancy ginger-couple.

gingerbread fancy couple

gingerbread fancy couple

Then we had another beer and this happened. I have no excuse for our behavior, but I will note that Italian ladies are not nearly as prude as Italian men would have you believe! (Yes, that’s a Christmas tree cookie.)

gingerbread fancy couple drunk on food coloring

gingerbread fancy couple drunk on food coloring

And, of course, don’t forget my gingerbread retiree couple. Please note his Hawaiian shirt and her oversized ring.

Floridian gingerbread retirees

Floridian gingerbread retirees

So there you have it. Just your average Wednesday night here in Emilia.

christmas gingerdisaster

christmas gingerdisaster

This post is yet another reminder to my fellow expats/immigrants about the power of finding local friends to hang out with. I was having a pretty bad week until these creative girls cheered me up. It also helps that I decided to blow off work this morning and dedicate myself to uploading my photos to Picasa…

gingerbread google face recognition.13 AM


16 thoughts on “The Gingerbread Crimes

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  2. I love your gingerbread people! It sounds as though you had a great day.
    I am very excited. After more than 6 weeks without power at our mountain house after a storm knocked our lines down, the men from Enel finally turned up and fixed the problem in a hour. I then discovered that the heating wasn’t working, but today the plumber came and all is fixed…how wonderful to have a functioning house.

    • Oh, Debra, that sounds horrible! 6 weeks?!? Hopefully this was a second house, not your primary? I find that cookie therapy works wonders in moments like that!

    • YES. power to you, Jennifer. I have often craved an egg yolk pie.
      I haven’t.
      It kinda sounds like you made a lemon flavored frittata!

      • Sadly there was no lemon flavour and the inside seemed uncooked. I did forget the butter once the batter was in the pan, my husband walked in at that moment and asked why I was freaking out, I told him about the butter and he told me to add it anyway, and I did. Yeah, I’m not a good baker.

  3. Awesome!! I love them! Great job. I gotta show the guys in the office the Italian Gingerbread man with the super-Christmas tree pisellone– they’re gonna love that. Glad to hear your over the blues — some gingerbread cookie-making and a lot of beer. I will have to remember that one!

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