How do you lose weight in Italy? Piano, piano. (#fitaly Challenge No. 1)

Is it just me, or do actions that would elsewhere result in weight loss merely sustain or decrease rates of weight gain here in Italy? I feel like I’m in the twilight zone.

Mediterranean Diet, my ass.

Literally, my Mediterranean diet is evident on my ass… it’s huge!

In my continuing efforts to get fit while remaining in this land of wonderful food (#fitaly), I am writing this post to suggest a group challenge and some public accountability. By the way, is anyone getting sick of me shoving #fitaly down your throat yet?

Oh good. Now you know how I’m starting to feel about pork.

By the way, I am writing this post from my DIY “bi-desk”… “deskycle”… “scriviletta”… “bicinia”… what name do we like best for this IKEA hack of an exercise bike and Ivar shelving unit?

Married to Italy - FITALY desk-bike


Ok, now that the important matters have been considered, let’s get to the challenge.

#fitaly Challenge No. 1:

Every day this week, Monday through Friday, I challenge myself to conduct at least 1 hour of work from said “scriviletta” (I think I like that one, but I don’t mean to influence you in any way), with the ultimate goal of burning 600-800 calories per session WHILE getting work done too*. Why one hour? Because that’s about when my ass starts going numb from the ridiculously pointy and firm seat on this bike. Ouch.

On the suggestion of one of my readers (and dear friends), Megan, I have joined in an effort to track my progress. If anyone would like to be friends and encourage each other, here is my profile: Join me! Forza #fitaly!

*I don’t really understand why, but MyFitnessPal says one hour at an easy 20 km/hr is 650 calories, while my bike says I’m over 1000. I’m going to err on the side of caution! Does anyone know how off I am?

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