Quite possibly the best burger in Italy. With real bacon!

Yes, that’s right… I may have found it.

While I cannot claim to have tried EVERY burger in Italy… (someday perhaps)… I will say that I have been grossly disappointed multiple times by restaurants claiming to have the real deal and not following through. My disappointment does not just stem from the simple fact that it’s hard to find a good American hamburger in Italy. It’s deeper than that. It is extremely upsetting to me that Italians continue to think that American food sucks, which is really the only reasonable conclusion they can come to when they are fed things like MacDonald’s, Old Wild West, and Roadhouse Grill.

My feeling is – do it right, or don’t do it at all.

And thank god, I finally found a place that does it right. Sure it’s in Milan, but I could (and probably will) make the trip every few months when the duration of hamburgerless weeks gets to be too much to bear.

The restaurant is called Indiana Post, and it’s located on Via Casale right where it intersects the popular stretch of restaurants along the canal that leads up to Porta Ticenese. Now, you have to be careful because there are several little restaurants along that stretch that are sporting American menus… don’t be enticed! The Indiana Post hamburger, aside from being much cheaper than the others ( I saw one for 16 euros!!!), is the real deal. I have no idea about anything else they make, but I will tell you right now – the bacon cheeseburger actually tasted like a bacon cheeseburger. Like with bacon instead of pancetta, and 100% beef instead of pork infill. They even presented it correctly – a bed of tomato lettuce and onion on the side. Little bowls of mustard and ketchup (actual ketchup, not passata). And fries… which were ok, but nothing to write home about.

Moral of this story – Milan has more options than rural Emilia Romagna.

3 thoughts on “Quite possibly the best burger in Italy. With real bacon!

  1. you may have more than 200 followers but I couldn’t figure it out. But I loved your blog and wanted to nominate you for the Liebster Blog award. You don’t have to do it but I hope you will. You deserve recognition–your blog is very good. I can’t figure out how to do the link business, so, sorry, but could you go to my blog at dhutch729.com and copy/paste the information regarding the award, if you are interested in it. good luck! debby

    • Hi Debby,
      Thanks! I’m not sure what the Liebster Blog award is, but I will go check it out. I definitely don’t have 200 followers – I created this last year, but didn’t really start writing much until this year. I’m a newbie! I’m glad you’re enjoying reading… stay in touch! -M

  2. I have learned, If you want American Cooking done right- you gotta do it yourself!! But, this place sounds interesting! Milan has a fair amount of American tourists so it is no surprise you found what you did. I think they opened a Starbuck’s there. It is either Rome or Milan, can’t recall. Anyway, I am waiting to hear about a good Mexican Restaurant that ISN’T my house… 🙂

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