Oh, how the mighty have fallen. (#Fitaly Friday)

F for Fallen.

F for Flop.

F for Fail.


Just a quick update for my Fitaly readers here. Don’t worry, I also have a post about smashing my head into the brick wall that is Italy. It’s scheduled for this weekend.

Fitaly Friday results not so good this week, folks.

I’m still at F – 1.

I blame my husband for being born 33 years before the second week of my Fitaly challenge. Birthday dinners and cake ruined my efforts. I also had a fairly intense work week. There was also bad weather that botched my walking plans. Also… also… um… also…

Ok, I’m stopping. It’s my fault. I could feel it slipping away, yet I did nothing to stop it. Why is this?

I’ve noticed that for me, there is definitely some psychological crap going on with me and comfort food. When I have a rough day, it really hard not to reach for the chocolate. Chocolate loves me. It’s always there for me. And when it isn’t, I know where to find it.

Oh dear.

Ok, snapping out of it and moving on. Want to see something funny? I wrapped my marito‘s birthday gifts in old magazines that we really need to throw out but haven’t yet. Yay for upcycling!!

E's 33rd Bday - wrapped in old magazines

E’s 33rd Bday – wrapped in old magazines

And, on that note –


Have a good weekend everyone, and let’s try to get back on track this next week. One of my projects is to investigate some DIY weight training from home hacks. Like pumping olive oil bottles or something. If anyone has good resources for that, let me know in the comments. Also, tell me how your weeks went!

10 thoughts on “Oh, how the mighty have fallen. (#Fitaly Friday)

  1. Well, thanks to my first ever toothache and subsequent extraction, at least i didnt gain any weight this week. See, i didnt even commit to the fitfriday but i might, lol. In january! After gobblegobble and santa claus (have to go stateside for a month). Good luck to all in the meantime, sending encouraging thougts!

    • Thanks, Janice!! Man… I hope a toothache and extraction aren’t what I’m going to need to resort to in order to keep this weigh off. 🙂
      Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Lots of walking keeps my weight down, I think. I also have a little ab-cruncher thingy which cost €20, and is a very handy piece of equipment; you can keep it in the corner of your bedroom and it’s handy for throwing your dressing gown over. But I’m convinced that when you lose that first kilo, which is the easiest and quickest one to lose, you think “Hey. Hold on. That wasn’t too difficult! This dieting is a piece of cake, so I think I’ll have a second slice! Tomorrow is another day”. Good luck with Fitaly. Orna

    • YES! That’s exactly right. Kilo #1 was like easy peasy. Poof, gone. So I let my guard down in week 2.


  3. I have had two meals at home this week and I am sure my butt has grown another inch…..I have my 40th in another week and a bit so I’m guessing instead of being ‘fit and forty’ I’ll have to be happy with ’40& fabulous’……I have all day to do the yoga workout I promised myself I would do yesterday 🙂

    • F for Forty and Fabulous works too! I never knew F would prove to be such a useful consonant.

      I did a serious walk Saturday after the sadness that was Fitaly Friday. I’ve got another scheduled for today, post-enormous-family-lunch.

      Have fun with the yoga – I really enjoy the YouTube videos by Ekhart yoga.

  4. You can try using your body weight for starters! My trainer has me do different types of push-ups (the lady-cheat kind – on my knees!) with different hand positions to target different muscles in the arms, back, and shoulders. (There are diamond push-ups, wide stance push ups, etc). Also, for core work, you can do a plank and hold it for a minute (do the plank on your elbows and forearms so you are close to the ground). For tricep dips, you could lean against a low chair with your legs extended out in front of you and lower yourself as close as you can get to the ground, then back up.

    I have the SAME issue as you with weight loss – you begin, things go OK, and you get complacent and think it’s easy, so you forgive yourself a little and start to slide… into the arms of chocolate. Heehee.

    • Excellent tips – I’m on it!
      This week we may have a small technical difficulty. My stupid scale broke. Arg. I may need to report on Friday without the number and then catch up the week after that. Mind you… there are not one, not two, but FIVE family meals between this week and next week here. IMPOSSIBLE!

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