Alas, poor Juliet, thy breast hast been rubbed too oft.

I have the best readers.
Today I posted a link to my Facebook Page with the above phrase. It was just a quick little passalong of the interesting news that poor Juliet’s statue in Verona has been rubbed raw by grubby tourist hands. So much so that they are having to replace her!

Here’s the story, originally from The Telegraph: “Verona commissions replica ‘Juliet’ statue after one too many brushes with tourists”

source: The Telegraph

source: The Telegraph

In response, one of my funniest readers (and a good childhood friend) replied with this fantastic little rhyme:

Forsooth, thy visage with its glossy shining
Thine hooters cause Italian lechers’ pining
Wherein the gropes of pervy hands do squeeze
Thy shiny bits have brought thee to thine knees.

– Amy

Can anyone top it?

p.s. Amy has a fantastic blog of her own, where you can read more of her genius thoughts!

5 thoughts on “Alas, poor Juliet, thy breast hast been rubbed too oft.

  1. Have you been to Juliet’s balcony? It is truly tacky, with wads of chewing gum stuck to the walls. People line up to see a balcony erected in 1972…very clever marketing by the people of Verona, but it has turned into something awful.
    The statue is lovely and I am pleased she is being moved to a happier place.

    • yeah, it is a bit tacky I suppose. It doesn’t help that they keep doing movies like Letters to Juliet. Have you seen that? VOMIT.

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