Introducing #Fitaly Fridays

F for Fitaly

F for Friday

F for Finding Fit Food + Fitness

F for Feeling Fabulous

F for F*ck this Flipping Fat Frumpiness

See what I did there?

Ok, so I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I am in somewhat of a war with the Italian food culture that I love so much. We have an abusive relationship, and I seek to correct it.

(think less of this…

…and more of this):

I’ve already issued (count ’em) ONE weekly challenge… that no one joined me on.

Fine. (F for Fine).

I will try not to pout.

But I’M SERIOUS THIS TIME. Come on, guys!  Let’s do this. I think maybe one reason no one has joined my challenge…

… is perhaps that there isn’t enough structure in the objectives or goals. ?? Perhaps? I’m going to chose to believe that this is the reason. Not that no one wants to get fit with me.

Therefore, I humbly introduce to you:


My goal (a lofty one, I’ll concede) is to shed one kilo a week from now until April, for a total of 25 kilos.

Holy crap, M, that’s a lot” you’re thinking. Believe me, I have it to spare. I think 1 kilo a week is definitely challenging, but not unhealthy or extreme.

Instead of further embarrassing myself by telling you my exact weight, let’s just say I weigh X.

No. Wait. Let’s say I weigh F.      (F for F*ck this is embarrassing.)

And from now on, I challenge myself to check in with you – the readers of the world wide web – in an extremely revealing and probably regretful weekly post, where I will announce my weekly weight. Hopefully it will be in the form something like:    F – 1 or   F – 2   as opposed to   F + 16. 

In exchange for you having to put up with my weekly sob stories about pasta purges…

I pledge to use my time on my DIY scrivilett’, solely for entertaining you dear readers with the ludicrous stories of my life here in Italy. Deal?

my DIY scrivilett'

my DIY scrivilett’

12 thoughts on “Introducing #Fitaly Fridays

  1. I want to play. Count me in. I will have to use MATHS and EQUATIONS to figure out what the F a kilo is in pounds, but so be it.

  2. I’d love a walking/running partner…….but I’m not giving up the food!
    Stay strong but don’t get boring like those people who only eat lettuce and alfalfa please!! 😉

  3. OK, I will join your challenge!! I am not in Italy (I’m in Portland, OR – but visit Italy a couple of times a year), so I can’t join your walks and I am not on Twitter. I am on Instagram, but almost all of my pictures are of food, so that won’t help us! What I WILL do is post my weight in Friday in a comment to your weight post. I am too sheepish to post the actual number, so I will adopt the F- system.

    Today is the last day of a 5-day cleanse, so we will see what next Friday brings! 🙂

  4. I will join you! May not walk as I would use my exercise bike but if you can help me stay away from the sweets and chocolate, I will help with the pork and pasta.

  5. I just gave up and admitted I need to lose ten pounds. So, I’m happy you are doing this. I’d like to spend some time in Florence next fall and I’m worried about everything, from getting mugged to getting fat.

    • yes! They ARE airborne. Great way to describe it. Then they just randomly adhere to portions of your body. Little stinkers. wow There’s a word I haven’t heard since I was a kid. I’m becoming my mother. Yeesh.

  6. So… I’m an idiot. I responded to all of you from my professional WordPress ID… which kinda doesn’t work for that whole pseudo-anonymity thing I’m going for (and failing at miserably). So I had to take all my replies down, lest someone googles my name and finds out that I’m some overweight expat blogger who occasionally says inappropriate things about her host country… wait a minute… doh.

    New group reply –
    YAY! I’m excited people are joining me. In fact, I am writing this from my scrivilett! As promised, I’m working on a post for you guys. Remember to check in Friday, and here’s hoping for F minus something, not plus.

  7. I’m in! I’m on my fourth year in Turin and let’s just say I also weigh F kilos. F for “for f^$& sake I’m so f’en fat.” All this pasta, wine, and chees is killing me! I’ve started following you on Instagram and will keep you posted on any F-/+. I will get my butt on the ciclette indulge in my American to and loose those pasta pounds! P.S. I love the website!

    • yay! welcome, M.G. I weigh in tomorrow morning… VERY nervous. I have been really Fit all week, and I swear if that F-ing scale doesn’t go down I may Flip out. (There are a surprising number of words that start with F).

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