An Expat’s Guide to Making a Home Away From Home | Houzz

I tend to veer away from using my real name here on this blog, mainly for fear that some potential client will Google my name and arrive here before arriving at our professional site. Reading my rant about having to poo at my suocera‘s house, without understanding an expat sense of humor, would almost definitely make for a serious brutta figura, would it not?

However I do occasionally write something somewhere in the real world under my own name that crosses over into the realm of interest for expats, and I have the urge to share it here. My last weekly article for Houzz, for example, was not my usual look at “green building” or Italian design, but instead an overview of how an expat might want to decorate their home in order to help with the effects of culture shock.

The comments have been particularly interesting, mainly because my audience over at Houzz is usually quite different from my audience here at Married to Italy. Have a read and feel free to comment here or directly on Houzz. (If you’re an expat with a particularly beautiful home, make sure to upload your photos to Houzz and send me the link!)

5 thoughts on “An Expat’s Guide to Making a Home Away From Home | Houzz

  1. Lovely to put a face and a name to an initial !

    Also enjoyed reading your stuff on Houzz!

    See you in italy!

    Cheers, Robyn

  2. Great article on Houzz (a site I love and visit regularly…) and fun to see you surrounded by your dogs:) I never thought about it but I don’t have any Italian items among my furniture and my style could be defined very scandinavian in the sense that’s very white and clean and essential. Another form of expat schizophrenia?

    • thanks!! That’s not me with the dogs, though. That’s another expat on Houzz.

      Yes, definitely another form of expat multiple personality disorder at the very least! 🙂

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