Dear Italians, the following is absolutely unacceptable behavior…

No. No. No. No. No.

tortilla chips in ketchup

The scene of the crime.

You may ABSOLUTELY NOT dip corn tortilla chips in ketchup.


Because …

(wait for it… wait for it… )

é così!”

“non si pùo!!”

So take your little bowl of ketchup, walk yourself over to a plate of over-cooked pasta, and just pour that shit right on top.

Because that feeling you have in your heart every time you see a foreigner do that to pasta…


Basta. For serious.



7 thoughts on “Dear Italians, the following is absolutely unacceptable behavior…

  1. That’s funny. Please tell me they don’t think we put ketchup on our chips! It reminds me of the old Pace Picante Sauce commercials … “That stuffs made in New York City!”

    • YES!!!! Thank you thank you thank you for posting this. I have tried to describe this ad like 100 times to people here and they stare at me like I’m nuts.

      GET A ROPE!

  2. I didn’t even mention in the post the fact that they pulled out mayo after that. MAYONNAISE! With TORTILLA CHIPS.


  3. I felt the same way when my Italian MIL did the most atrocious, disgusting thing on her first visit to the US (NJ): she dipped her bagel in her bowl of caffelatte!!! When I tried to teach her how you’re really supposed to eat a bagel she refused to listen. Quanto pazienza…!

    • eeeeeewwwwwww!!!!
      Just let her do it; I think the taste would put her off it anyway, right? Bagel in caffè latte?! yuck.

      well. I mean what kind of bagel we talkin’ here? I’m imagining that same Everything Bagel that I drool over in my dreams from Italy.

  4. LOLOL!!!! OMG this is hilarious!!! I never even realized when my husband took left-over bbq ribs to work and shared them with his coworkers, he sent me a photo of them dipping their chips in the sauce. I never even thought about it until now! LOLOL

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